Canadian Tamil Youth Development

When we invest in our youth we grow as a community.

Youth Empowerment

Improving the lives of Tamil youth by collaborating with educational institutions and community partners


Providing a safe space to engage in various areas of interest and passion encouraging well rounded development

Academic Support

Fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access through programs and awards

Awards of Excellence

Our annual award celebration that showcases the talent and achievements of our youth

Honouring Excellence

Our annual scholarship awards are a way for us to support and foster the academic pursuits of the youth in our community. It is a staple part of our organization to help students in their transition to post-secondary education.

Showcasing Talents

Our stage show is more than a night to share awards and achievements. Our youth programs develop performances and create content for the show through the year, showcasing talents and skills for all of our guests.

Community Collaboration

We work with different partners, funders and collaborating organizations to help create an award show that displays the captivating talents and academic prowess of our community and within our culture.


Find out more about our programs

Visit our office or reach out to our program coordinator to learn more about our programs. We welcome new volunteers and members all the time.

Canadian Tamil Youth Development

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