Our programs are designed to target the needs of our youth. Whether creating a positive social environment or teaching them about vital life skills each program aims to engage youth and help them face their challenges, express passions and enrich the Tamil-Canadian diaspora.


Our programs are not only designed to serve the youth but also the families, schools and communities in which we live.


Some are looking for their 'thing' and some have always known. We create an outlet to  celebrate these talents.


The best way we can support our youth is by recognizing their greatness: A key component of all our programs.

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Basketball Developmental League (BDL)

CanTYD introduced an initiative to assist youth in developing their skills in basketball. CanTYD organized a league with teams, schedules and standings. Our inaugural season was in March 2012 and playoffs are held in May and June.

Medai Konal

A performance team that promotes youth expression, creativity, and originality through theatrical arts. The title Medai Konal (Crooked Stage) is rooted in the notion that the stage, as with life, is viewed from all angles forming different perspectives. Youth participate in various forms of art including stage and film performances, dance, music, improvisation, and stand-up comedy, as well as directing and producing theatrical features.

Geethiyaa Varman

Open Doors Program

The Open Doors Program is an after school initiative catering to the different talents of youth. This after school program includes opportunities for youth to partake in a variety of activities including drama and dance, homework help through our tutoring program, photography workshops, creative writing workshops, and much more. This program is serviced by volunteers and supervised by CanTYD staff to develop the academic and artistic skills of high school students.

Parent Council

The Parent Council consists of parents whose youth attend drop-ins at the high schools serviced by CanTYD. Hosted monthly, Parent Council meetings discuss issues affecting youth as well as strategies for parents to address these issues. The long-term goal is to form a council that will run independently with the support of CanTYD staff, and to host a major Parent Forum in the coming years.

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Project Empowerment

Project Empowerment targets youth who are involved with the criminal justice system or have difficulty tapping in to hidden potential within themselves. Partnered with Operation Springboard, Project Empowerment provides an outlet for at-risk youth to give back to the community and acquire new skills. This program provides one-on-one support to encourage open dialogue between youth and outreach workers in order to pursue healthy solutions.

Project T.H.A.M.I.L.

Project THAMIL (Tamils Helping and Motivating to Inspire Leadership) aims to identify strengths in individuals through diverse and creative programs. The success of Project THAMIL lies in its effective incorporation of youth projects, one-on-one mentorship and workshops. The initiatives of the program have resulted in positive outcomes including increased class attendance, safer school environments and improved communication between parents and students. CanTYD currently hosts this program at Jean Vanier CSS, R.H. King Academy, SATEC @ W.A. Porter CI, Lester B. Pearson CI and Woburn CI. As CanTYD continues to grow, this program will expand into more schools in Scarborough and York region.


Recreational Drop-Ins

CanTYD hosts recreational drop-ins at several high school gymnasiums after school hours throughout the year. Hosted twice a week, the drop-ins include a variety of sports and recreational activities that are supervised by CanTYD staff.

Selvy’s Circle

Selvy’s Circle is a project geared towards young women that seeks to create a positive and therapeutic environment to address their goals, concerns, and issues. Through regular seminars, discussions, workshops, and socials, participants are left with a positive experience after identifying and overcoming barriers faced by women both socially and culturally. CanTYD currently hosts this program at Jean Vanier CSS, R.H. King Academy, SATEC @ W.A. Porter CI, Lester B. Pearson CI and Woburn CI.


Youth Council

The CanTYD Youth Council (CYC) was formed to engage youth in developing a grassroots strategy for the organization. It is comprised of youth representing several high schools in the GTA, and serves as a vital link between youth and CanTYD to promote mutual respect, and in ensuring that the voices of youth are heard. Each member of the Youth Council serves as a CanTYD representative of their school, thereby linking CanTYD with the greater community. The aim is to engage youth in positive activities to create strong leaders in the community.

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