To date, the organization has initiated a variety of programs, projects, and services that are based on the principles of our mission statement.


CanTYD continues to conduct research through surveys and through personal interviews with youth, school administration, and parents. Our new research methodology includes a hands-on evaluation completed by the Program Committee that looks into evaluating programs and implementing new programs to bene t youth.


Education programs are developed and delivered to youth, parents, school boards, and community partners to raise awareness of challenges faced by Tamil youth.


CanTYD works actively with school boards, funders, non-pro t organizations, and community organizations to learn and provide services to youth.


CanTYD advocates for the voice of Tamil youth, raising community concerns, publicly discussing youth issues, and gaining the support of government and school board of cials on policy issues that affect youth.


Staff members and volunteers provide outreach services at various schools within the GTA. In addition, CanTYD connects the community to existing resources available to serve their needs.


CanTYD creates an environment that is conducive to self-directed growth by keeping youth at the forefront of all initiatives. The organization strives to provide youth with the tools and services necessary to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.